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Our house coffee

E1 by Clifton Coffee

  • Farm: Finca Buena Vista
  • Region: El Anonal, Ahuachapan
  • Altitude: 1250 - 1550masl
  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Processing: Mixed
  • Medium Roast: Milk chocolate, tangerine & golden syrup

Our Coffee is served to the highest quality we can provide with all our Baristas undertaking training and competency test. We invest in the team and visit our roasters regularly to keep the knowledge and passion between us both to perfect what we serve.

Barista Techniques

Good beans will make good coffee, but to make great coffee the barista needs to understand the relationship between coffee, extraction times and flavour, using their skills to create beautiful, richly flavored espresso.

Preparing the shot of coffee in our Espresso Bar is where we combine a little bit of science and a little art to deliver a perfect balance every time.

Whilst pulling your shot our barista aims to:

  • Have 18 grams of coffee in the basket (Ground on demand)
  • 32 grams into the cup
  • Extract at 93 degrees
  • Extract in 28-30 seconds
  • Ensure the coffee is ground and tamped to correctly to allow perfect flow

We also pride ourselves on our ability to make the perfect milk to accompany your shot. For us the perfect milk is about the correct temperature with the right velvety consistency.

These are guidelines that we adhere to but each cup is different in its own unique and individual way so from time to time some of the techniques may be adjusted to get the best flavours from our blend this benefits our relationship with our roasters

Here is a collection of brew guides that we have put together to help you brew great coffee at home.



The Aeropress has a well-deserved reputation for producing great coffee with minimal fuss.

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The Plunger is an easy and consistent way to brew coffee, a classic method.

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Pour Over

The Pour Over is an easy and gentle brew method, producing a beautifully clean cup of coffee.

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The Espresso is one of the most difficult brewing methods to master but makes an exquisite coffee.

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Opening Times

  • Mon-Weds: 9am – 5pm
  • Thurs – Sat: 9am – 11pm
  • Sundays: 10am – 4pm